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"It was never intended to be another everyday streetwear brand."

We're combining revolutionary augmented reality tech with quality designs and clothing that truly speaks to our brand! From the beginning it's always been about quality over quantity.

"The actual thought of starting the brand came to me back in September of 2020, after the Covid-19 fiasco hit. In October, we began brainstorming tons of concepts and ideas and tried to determine what we thought the brand's identity should be and why. After struggling for a bit to find a name, we decided to look into the quality of products we were going to be selling. After about a month of product testing and researching, we came to a decision. Based on the style, color, wear and tear and lifespan, the name of the brand had to be Luxury. We were trying to create a lifestyle, a brand that represents quality goods with quality design meant to last the test of time. Nothing speaks truer to that than the word 'Luxury'.

That's where the AR technology also started to come in... I graduate with a B.A. in Architecture and a Master of Architecture degree, but have always been fascinated with UX design. I remember thinking, "I can put this augmented reality stuff into our brand!" The tech we're using right now limits us to application use, but we're continually pushing to innovate and advance further with our integrated AR features."

Jacob Arellano, M.A. | CEO | Founder

We hope you enjoy our products and that you'll help up spread the word! Luxury is trying to shift the boundaries of technology and clothing by creating unique Augmented Apparel!

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